The Altered State of Business

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How can psychedelics positively influence business leaders and contribute to solving real world challenges? That is the question we discuss in depth in this whitepaper. 

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PSYx is a conscious cooperative at the intersection of psychoactivation and system change.



1heart is organising weeklong Ayahuasca retreats incl. a 7-week online Mastermind for leaders and entrepreneurs.

About the Authors

I co-authored this paper in my capacity as PSYx co-founder and former CEO.

Consider shifts from traditional business models that leaders have taken away from their working with powerful psychoactive substances.

About the Paper

Learn how psychedelics and sacred plant medicines can fundamentally alter our current institutions and businesses through their accelerated ability to expand and elevate the minds and hearts of our leaders.

Explore a more conscious, sustainable, and expansive path forward for our world, potentially accelerated through consciousness expanding modalities including psychedelics and sacred plant medicines.

Hear from influential leaders and the changes they have integrated as a result of their life-altering psychedelic experiences.