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"More Beautiful World" Retreat

The "More Beautiful World" Retreat is for people who want to embrace their role as a regenerative leader on a deeper level. Who want to bridge their intuitive and spiritual knowing with their outer-world actions.

This intimate retreat with max. 12 participants encompasses a range of modalities from Ayahuasca ceremonies to sharing circles and workshops. It will take place in Mexico from December 3rd - 9th.

The Mission Behind the Retreat

 Charles Eisenstein coined the term "The More Beautiful World Our Heart Knows is Possible". Although everyone likely imagines a somewhat different version of this world, I find it striking how much similarity there seems to be in people's visions of this world.

Most of us wish to see a world in which nature, animals and humans live in greater harmony, without exploitation. We long for a world where we have agency over our life and our daily work feels meaningful. We wish to have loving and nourishing human bonds. We want technology to support us, not make us its slave.​​​​

Working with plant medicines such as Ayahusca may be one of the keys to create this More Beautiful World. Scientific studies have found that psychedelics increase people's sense of nature connectedness and ​unleash creativity. Many people experience "downloads" during ceremonies that inspire their personal and professional path.

This specific retreat differs from most other retreats in the sense that the focus is less on personal healing and more on contributing one's gifts to the healing of the collective. Imagine a scale from -10 (suicidal, depressed, addicted), 0 (fine, "normal", healthy) to +10 (creative, blissful, self-authoring). This retreat is less about the journey from -10 to 0, but rather about the journey from 0 to +10. The retreat ois about stepping into one's power to create a fulfilling life for oneself while being in service to something much greater.  

There are several components that will facilitate your transformation during the retreat. Perhaps most importantly, you will be in a beautiful community of likeminded people who will likely support each other long beyond the actual retreat. The retreat will take place in the jungle of the Yucatan, a place that was chosen as habitat by ancient Mayas due to its unique energy. Ceremonies will be guided by one of the most talented shamans that I have ever worked with (he is funny, too!). Lastly, there will be in-depth workshops, sharing circles, bonfires, yoga and delicious meals to round up the experience.

To give you an idea of the direction we will be heading with the workshops, these are some of the people who influence my thinking the most:

Jordan Bates, Ina May Gaskin, Sharon Blackie, Alnoor Ladha, Daniel Pinchbeck, Charles Eisenstein, Inadevi Fürstenau, Magdalena von Saleski, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Michael Ende, Hanzi Freinacht, Jason Hickel, Ernst Götsch, Rowan Gillies, Armin Steuernagel, Stephen Reid

What Previous Retreat Participants Say...


Kumankaya Healing Centre

Kumankaya is so much more than a retreat centre for me and my family. It is the place where I finally healed my bulimia after 14 years of suffering from it. It is the place where Jordan asked me to marry him.

My first impression of Kumankaya was that it resembles a secret Zen garden in the middle of the Yucatan jungle. After a half hour drive from the closest village you enter what feels like a parallel universe where time seems to be slower than elsewhere. Remi and Ashley, the centre owners and shamans, are among the sweetest people I have ever met. There is no pretence, only genuine human connection and authentic care for the wellbeing of their guests.

Medicines We Will Work With

Practical Details


Accommodation is in charming jungle huts that are spread out over the campus. Some of the huts have no electricity and I personally enjoyed the calming effect of relying on candles once the sun has set. 

All over the campus you find hammocks to rest in and listen to the jungle sounds. The footpaths around the center invite you to go on strolls around the woods.

Standard accomodation is in shared twin rooms. For an additional fee, it is possible to book a single room.

IMG_7749 2.HEIC


Pricing includes:

2x group calls with all participants

3x 1:1 calls for prep & integration

Program during the retreat

3x Ayahuasca & 1x Kambo ceremony

Food & accomodation (6 nights)

1x Mayan massage

Transport from Tulum

Shared room: 2.600 Euro

Single room: 3.350 Euro

Early bird discount until September 30th: 

Shared room : 2.450 Euro

Single room: 3.100 Euro

Learn More About Kumankaya

“Part of what psychedelics do is they decondition you from cultural values. This is what makes it such a political hot potato. Since all culture is a kind of con game, the most dangerous candy you can hand out is one which causes people to start questioning the rules of the game.”

Terence McKenna


Is This For You?

This offering is particularly suited for people who:

  • Want to experience more depth and meaning in their life

  • Are curious to discover realms beyond their known everyday reality

  • Want to feel more alive, connected and loving

  • Are searching for their professional purpose

  • Are willing to step into leadership but lack direction or confidence

  • Want to connect to their intuition and inner knowing

  • Wish to heal from traumatic experiences / childhood

  • Prefer an intimate, small group environment over a large group

This offering is NOT suitable for people who:

  • Suffer from a psychiatric or neurological condition such as psychosis or schizophrenia 

  • Are in a phase of extreme emotional struggle such as feeling suicidal or having manic episodes 

  • Are taking medications that interact with ayahuasca 

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding 

  • Don’t feel a true calling to partake but feel pressured by a friend or family member 


(I will send you a medical screening form before the immersion to rule out any contraindications)

Meet the Team

This is the fourth retreat that my partner Jordan and I will be running at Kumankaya Healing Centre. At this particular retreat, I'm in charge of the overall design of the retreat as well as the preparation & integration calls and workshops during the retreat. Jordan will be supporting me. Ashley and Remi are very experienced shipibo shamans who will facilitate the medicine ceremonies. They are also the owners of the retreat centre. Kyle is a Kambo practitioner who will lead the Kambo ceremony.


About me

Throughout the past two decades, I have been on a quest to learn what it takes to live in accordance with the principles of the “more beautiful world our heart knows is possible”. I had the privilege to dive into many different "universes". The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Berlin. The academic elites in Cambridge. Conflict zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shamanic tribes in Gabon, West Africa. Yogic ashrams at the foothills of the Himalayas. Other dimensions through psychedelic medicines.

In this upcoming retreat, I will share practical insights and timeless wisdom that I have acquired on my eclectic path. I will combine contents that I have taught in Business Ethics at a university level with spiritual and shamanic lessons I have learned along the way. I will also openly share things that I have learned the hard way through my unconventional lifestyle that included phases of polyamory and nomadism.

My Qualifications

Xmas Photo.jpg

Testimonials from Colleagues, Students & Clients

"Tanja’s understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility, coupled with her deep expertise in social psychology, enable her to support students in an unparalleled way, which, rather than cascading knowledge from outside-in, is focused on unlocking their thinking process from within, enabling a teaching approach based on co-creation, curiosity and shared reflections. I will never forget the long brainstorming sessions out-of-class with her, randomly discussing about the future of the world and the role of organizations in it."

Francesco, former ESCP student


The retreats are not a replacement for psychotherapy or medical treatments. I am happy to speak to you to discern whether a retreat is the right choice or whether a therapist or doctor would be more suited to help you. 

Many people have healing and meaningful experiences with psychedelics. However, in some cases people do not see the expected results. There is no guarantee what your own experience will be like. It’s best to attend with an open mind.

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