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Philia Feature by Marie Jo

Philia Feature by The Dayspring

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Women’s empowerment is a topic that is much talked about, yet it is often unclear what it means in practice. At the end of November 2018, Nicole Bogott and Tanja Schomann from the international female leadership network PHILIA hosted a workshop for Afghan and Pakistani women at National Incubation Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan. The PHILIA workshop that used a very hands-on and fresh approach towards women and leadership. The workshop was part of the impACT Conference for social entrepreneurs, which means all the participants of the PHILIA workshop were social entrepreneurs themselves or were striving to become either more sustainable with the projects or wanted to add a social component towards their work. PHILIA’s philosophy is that it is important for everyone to feel empowered and in charge of one’s life, no matter if the person is female or male. From that perspective, one may wonder why it is important to focus on women’s empowerment in particular.