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More Beautiful World

What would the "More Beautiful World Our Heart Knows is Possible" look like? What would it take from each of us to get there?


I'm offering an 8-week online course and mastermind in which I will present my own research on this theme and provide a space for people to explore their role in the co-creation of this world.

The Mission Behind This Course

Charles Eisenstein coined the term "The More Beautiful World Our Heart Knows is Possible". Although everyone likely imagines a somewhat different version of this world, I find it striking how much similarity there seems to be in people's visions of this world.

Most of us wish to see a world in which nature, animals and humans live in greater harmony, without exploitation. We long for a world where we have agency over our life and our daily work feels meaningful. We wish to have loving and nourishing human bonds. We want technology to support us, not make us its slave.

Throughout the past two decades, I have been on a quest to learn what it takes to live in accordance with these principles. I had the privilege to get to dive into many different "universes". The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Berlin. The academic elites in Cambridge. Conflict zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shamanic tribes in Gabon, West Africa. Yogic ashrams at the foothills of the Himalayas. Other dimensions through psychedelic medicines.

In this upcoming course & mastermind program, I will share practical insights and timeless wisdom that I have acquired on my eclectic path. I will combine contents that I have taught in Business Ethics at a university level with spiritual and shamanic lessons I have learned along the way. I will also openly share things that I have learned the hard way through my unconventional lifestyle that included phases of polyamory and nomadism. 

But this course is not a sequence of talks. Each 2hr session will be an hour long lecture on various topics and an hour of interactive sharing. Each participant will be encouraged to choose a project/theme which they will work on throughout the duration of the course. The project can be of personal or professional nature as long as it's related to "creating a more beautiful world". 

To give you an idea of the direction we will be heading, these are some of the people who influence my thinking the most:

Jordan Bates, Ina May Gaskin, Sharon Blackie, Alnoor Ladha, Daniel Pinchbeck, Charles Eisenstein, Inadevi Fürstenau, Magdalena von Saleski, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Michael Ende, Hanzi Freinacht, Jason Hickel, Ernst Götsch, Rowan Gillies, Armin Steuernagel, Stephen Reid


Practical Details

Dates & Time:

The 2hr calls will take place weekly on Mondays 6.30pm UTC/GMT+2 (German time zone)

Start date:October 2nd, 2023

Pricing includes:

8x group calls with all participants

Access to recordings of the lecture part of the session​  

A moderated Whatsapp Group


Program fee: 350 Euro

Early bird until September 7th​285 Euro


As a program participant, you can book a set of four 1:1 sessions with me ​at a special price lower than my usual pricing. 


Program fee & four 1:1 sessions:

750 Euro / 600 Euro early bird 

Action on behalf of life transforms. Because the relationship between self and the world is reciprocal, it is not a question of first getting enlightened or saved and then acting. As we work to heal the earth, the earth heals us.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Testimonials from Colleagues, Students & Clients

"When you work with Tanja you will discover that she has a vision! Not only of her work, but also for the world she lives in. She cares about her work and the message that she can send, the change that she can bring. Tanja really engages with her teams, supports, motivates and is one of the most patient people I have ever met. Working with her means working in an incredibly smart, visionary, creative, driven safe space that develops you personally and of course the projects that you work on."

Charlotte, former ESCP colleague

Preliminary Content

Image by Phil Botha

This is a rough overview over the topics we will cover. I may adjust the topics depending on participants' preferences and any new findings that come my way.



Our relationship with nature, nature connectedness, regenerative and syntropic practices, indigenous principles



Natural birth, birth and childhood trauma, intuitive parenting, inner child work, alternative educational models 



The impact of ownership on society, ownership revolutions: steward ownership & open source, no-ownership society



Finding one's purpose, ikigai, power and power dynamics, meaningful work and value creation 



Ayurvedic principles of diet and lifestyle, yogic philosophy, Wim Hof Method, science of addictions, mental health



Attachment theory, pros and cons of polyamory, contemporary marriage, gender roles, family and community in the 21st century



Digital detox, parallel societies, utopia or dystopia?, Steiner's vision of Ahriman, connection or disconnection?


Business Ethics

Ethics of sales and marketing, ethics of value chains, contemporary slavery, unpaid care work

My Background

Paintings on this page are by Hilma af Klint. They are in the Public Domain.

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