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Women Rising Retreats

I offer retreats in the Netherlands and in Mexico that are particularly designed to meet the needs of women who are stepping into leadership. These retreats encompass a range of modalities from psychedelic plant medicines to sharing circles and sound healing. 

The Mission Behind "Women Rising"

I asked myself the question: How can we heal ourselves and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?

In my search for an answer, I had the privilege to dive into many different "universes". The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Berlin. The academic elites in Cambridge. Conflict zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shamanic tribes in Gabon, West Africa. Yogic ashrams at the foothills of the Himalayas. Other dimensions through psychedelic medicines. 

I have come to the conclusion that we are not missing any external resources or inventions. The key to this world lies inside of each of us. It's a matter of reconnecting to self, others and Earth. A matter of unleashing our deepest creativity. Of realizing the abundance that is available to us and letting go of old conditionings and scarcity mindsets.

My own role is to implement these insights in my own life as well as assist others on this path. 


The immersions that I offer employ some of the tools that I have learned through my own journey and that I have found incredibly powerful. Especially psilocybin is in my view a fantastic ally that helps people to heal themselves and, in many cases, become a leader and role model for positive change. 


The impact of psychedelics on my own life has been tremendous. I feel so much more alive, loving and purpose-driven. Psychedelics also helped me heal an eating disorder that I was suffering from for 14 years. 


But the work with psilocybin and other psychedelics shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is why I am dedicated to creating environments in which people feel fully held and at ease to dive deep and receive healing, nurture and inspiration from their psychedelic experience. 


One defining feature of my work is that I don’t stop at people’s personal healing. Of course, personal healing is the prerequisite. But the grander goal is to step into inspired leadership and bring healing to one’s families, communities and the world at large. 

What Previous Retreat Participants Say...

Green Plant

Is This For You?

This offering is particularly suited for women who:

  • Want to experience more depth and meaning in their life

  • Are curious to discover realms beyond their known everyday reality

  • Want to feel more alive, connected and loving

  • Are searching for their professional purpose

  • Are willing to step into leadership but lack direction or confidence

  • Want to connect to their intuition and inner knowing

  • Wish to heal from traumatic experiences / childhood

  • Prefer an intimate 1-on-1 environment over a group experience


This offering is NOT suitable for people who:

  • Suffer from a psychiatric or neurological condition such as psychosis or schizophrenia 

  • Are in a phase of extreme emotional struggle such as feeling suicidal or having manic episodes 

  • Are taking medications that interact with psilocybin

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding 

  • Don’t feel a true calling to partake but feel pressured by a friend or family member 


(I will send you a medical screening form before the immersion to rule out any contraindications)

Upcoming Retreats

Women Rising Netherlands

It's the second time that I am running a retreat at this unique retreat centre deep in the jungle of the Mexican Yucatan peninsula. Experience a top-notch leadership program faciltated by me as well as ayahuasca and kambo ceremies held by experienced shipibo shamans.

Dates: May xth - 9th, 2023


Women Rising Mexico

It's the second time that I am running a retreat at this unique retreat centre deep in the jungle of the Mexican Yucatan peninsula. Experience a top-notch leadership program faciltated by me as well as ayahuasca and kambo ceremies held by experienced shipibo shamans.

Dates: December 3rd - 9th, 2023

Location & Accommodation Pricing

Psilocybin in the form of psychedelic truffles  is legal in the Netherlands. That’s why my offer is limited to the Netherlands at this point. 


If you live in the Netherlands, I am happy to do the immersion in the comfort of your home. If you do not live in the Netherlands, the immersion will take place in a rented Airbnb, preferably in the countryside so that we can combine the psychedelic session with nature immersion activities such as meditation and breathwork in the garden. 


There are many beautiful countryside Airbnbs in the Netherlands. Pricing depends of course on the level of comfort that you desire but it would be reasonable to expect to pay 150 - 250 Euro per night for an Airbnb suitable for this work.

My Qualifications

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Testimonials from Colleagues, Students & Clients

"Tanja’s understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility, coupled with her deep expertise in social psychology, enable her to support students in an unparalleled way, which, rather than cascading knowledge from outside-in, is focused on unlocking their thinking process from within, enabling a teaching approach based on co-creation, curiosity and shared reflections. I will never forget the long brainstorming sessions out-of-class with her, randomly discussing about the future of the world and the role of organizations in it."

Francesco, former ESCP student


The retreats are not a replacement for psychotherapy or medical treatments. I am happy to speak to you to discern whether a retreat is the right choice or whether a therapist or doctor would be more suited to help you. 

Many people have healing and meaningful experiences with psychedelics. However, in some cases people do not see the expected results. There is no guarantee what your own experience will be like. It’s best to attend with an open mind.

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