Hi, my name is Tanja. 


Since I was 14 years old, I have been invloved in Yoga, meditation and Eastern philosophy. These practices have shaped who I am on every level. It has added depth and purpose to my life. I am passionate about helping people to gain access to parts of their self that Western lifestyle oftentimes surpresses.


My academic background is in Social Psychology and I wrote my Ph.D. thesis at Cambridge University. One of the key topics that my research looks at is trust and human relationships, especially in the light of of increasingly digital world. 


I am co-founder and former director at Philia, which is a platform that helps women to be the best version of themselves through peer-coaching. The platform is still active across the globe, but I am no longer involved in managerial tasks.


From 2016-2018, I was consortium member at impACT, a global movement of social entrepreneurs. I was involved in setting up local hubs in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Gaza and Pakistan.